Saturday, 8 February 2014

My way

     So it has come to this. Tomorrow I am racing in the Olympic Downhill. My coach always tells me about how they do things in Austria, the education of the athletes. Step by step. I am talking about everything, all the aspects. Competitions are not excluded. FIS - Europa Cup - World Cup - Olympics. 99 percent of them do this. But I don't have a choice. For me its FIS - Olympics. It is not a excuse by any stretch of the imagination. I am in the elite 50 racers who are starting tomorrow. Numer 50. Cool. For those of you who do not know what I do, here it is: I will also post a picture that was yesterday in the second Downhill training. First big crash of my life. Fun. I had about 130 km/h.

     I thank everybody for all the support. I have to be honest. Last night 7/02/2014 when I opened Facebook I was overwhelmed by all the messages I got from all the people following me. So I closed my internet. I am not used with this kind of attention. Amazing. I will open and answer to all the messages once my race is done tomorrow.

     Live on TVR 2 from 9:00 Romanian time. I am number 50. I feel your support.

     You'll Never Walk Alone.

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