Saturday, 8 February 2014

My Way (Rou)

     Am ajuns aici. Maine am Coborarea Olimpica. Antrenorul meu imi povesteste mereu cum se fac lucrurile in Austria. Educatia care o primesc sportivii. Totul se face pas cu pas. Absolut totul. Inclusiv competitiile. FIS - Cupa Europei - Cupa Mondiala - Olimpiada. 99% dintre sportivi fac asta. Cu exceptia care confirma regula. Nu ma intelegeti gresit, nu este o scuza. Nici pe aproape. Sunt in acea elita de 50 de oameni care maine isi vor da drumul in Coborare. Chiar numarul 50. Misto. Pentru cei ce nu cunosc foarte bine ce inseamna proba de Coborare, asta este: O sa va arat si o poza de la al doilea antrenament de coborare, cel de ieri. Cea mai mare cazatura de pana acuma. Cam 130 km/h aveam.

     Multumesc tuturor pentru sustinere. Trebuie sa fiu sincer. Ieri 7/2/2014 am deschis facebookul si am fost coplesit. Coplesit de mesaje de la oameni care ii cunosteam si oameni care nu. Foarte multe. Incredibil. Asa ca am inchis internetul. Conteaza extraordinar de mult pentru mine acest suport fantastic. O sa raspund la toata lumea (si pe what's upp) dupa ce termin cu cursa de maine. Trebuie sa am capul limpede.

     Cursa va fi in direct pe TVR 2 de la ora 9:00.

     You'll Never Walk Alone.

My way

     So it has come to this. Tomorrow I am racing in the Olympic Downhill. My coach always tells me about how they do things in Austria, the education of the athletes. Step by step. I am talking about everything, all the aspects. Competitions are not excluded. FIS - Europa Cup - World Cup - Olympics. 99 percent of them do this. But I don't have a choice. For me its FIS - Olympics. It is not a excuse by any stretch of the imagination. I am in the elite 50 racers who are starting tomorrow. Numer 50. Cool. For those of you who do not know what I do, here it is: I will also post a picture that was yesterday in the second Downhill training. First big crash of my life. Fun. I had about 130 km/h.

     I thank everybody for all the support. I have to be honest. Last night 7/02/2014 when I opened Facebook I was overwhelmed by all the messages I got from all the people following me. So I closed my internet. I am not used with this kind of attention. Amazing. I will open and answer to all the messages once my race is done tomorrow.

     Live on TVR 2 from 9:00 Romanian time. I am number 50. I feel your support.

     You'll Never Walk Alone.