Sunday, 30 November 2014

14-15 ROU

     Dragi prieteni si sustinatori. Noul sezon competitional se apropie incet dar sigur. Pare ca a trecut o vesnicie de la ultima mea cursa. Era aprilie si era Slovenia…dar ce cursa frumoasa.
     As dori sa imi cer scuze pentru faptul ca nu am postat nimic vara respectiv toamna aceasta. Sa fiu sincer cu voi, am fost pe punctul de a avea un website. Intre timp am decis ca ar trebui sa mai cresc un pic ca nivel in schiul alpin pana fac asta. Blogul e suficient pentru acum. Si promit ca o sa fiu din ce in ce mai activ.
     Sa va fac un mic rezumat al sezonului de pana acum. Chiar daca nu au inceput concursurile, va asigur ca nu doar am dormit in acest timp, cum am auzit ca spun unii ‘fani’ ai mei.

  1.             Membru nou in echipa. Va amintiti de baiatul acela irlandez pe care l-am cunoscut pe la concursuri anul trecut? Patrick Mc Millan? Nu? Cum nu? Habar nu aveti despre cine e vorba? Corect, nu era suficient de important ca sa il mentionez. Ideea e ca acum face parte din mica noastra trupa de vitezisti, alaturi de Georg Lindner (MDA) si subsemnatul, sub conducerea acealuiasi Hans.
  2.             Echipament nou. Nu mai este Atomic, este BLIZZARD. Am avut ocazia sa testez schiurile la finalul lunii aprilie si m-am indragostit instantaneu de ele. Gratie lui Hans si a rezultatelor de anul trecut am o relatie buna cu cei de la race department. Prin aceasta cale vreau sa le multumesc ca mi-au dat ocazia sa fac parte din marea familie Blizzard. Tin sa multumesc in egala masura clubului ASC Corona Brasov care a contribuit cu partea financiara a tranzactiei. Multumesc domnului Catalin Leonte (presedintele sectiei) si domnului George Scripcaru (primarul Brasovului).
  3.             Pregatirea de vara. A fost cea mai grea vara de pana acum. Am invatat extraordinar de multe lucruri legate de pregatirea fizica pentru schiul alpin din ziua de azi si abia astept sa vad rezultatele pe partie.
  4.      .     Sustinere. Sunt extrem de incantat ca din ce in ce mai multa lume se intereseaza de cariera mea si incearca intr-un fel sau altul sa fie alaturi de mine. Anul trecut am facut un pas mare in schiul mondial. In acest moment sunt pe locul 380 la coborare (anul trecut 468), si 623 la Super G (anul trecut 1800). Am demonstrat ca am calitatiile necesare sa progresez si ca am un viitor in sportul asta. Clubul si Federatia sunt alaturi de mine. Nu ma intelegeti gresit, e loc si de mai bine, inca mai sunt gauri in buget. Dar sunt increzator.
  5.             Viata personala. Familia mea e bine multumesc de intrebare. Fratele meu e din ce in ce mai putin enervant, ceea ce este imbucurator J. Viata mea amoroasa dupa cum va puteti imagina este practic inexistenta. Dar asta nu inseamna ca nu imi iau lovituri. Amuzant cum mi se tot intampla. Nu spun ca sunt perfect. Nici pe departe. Probabil ca din aceasta cauza am dezamagiri, ca dezamagesc si eu. Dar n-are nici o problema. Dragostea mea e schiul.           
  6.              Soricel. In ultima saptamana am locuit in acelasi apartament cu un mic prieten. Patrick l-a denumit Norbert Stalin (nu ma intrebati de ce). Dar nu e problema. Acum 2 ore l-am pus sa plimbe ursul J.

     REZUMAT. Sunt mai puternic acum decat in sezonul precedent. Si fizic si mental. Vreau sa obtin rezultate mai mult ca niciodata, si am tot ce imi trebuie pentru a face asta. Astept cu nerabdare primele curse ale sezonului. Mi-a lipsit competitia in ultimele 8 luni. Inchei cu un citat din Bode Miller: GO FAST, BE GOOD, HAVE FUN.

PS: Poze gasiti mai jos dupa articolul din limba engleza.

     My dear friends and followers. The new season is slowly but surely approaching. Seems like a lifetime since my last race. April in Slovenia…but what a race that was.
     I apologize for my lack of posting this summer and autumn. To be completely honest I was on the verge of having a website. In the meantime I decided I do not deserve one just yet, and I should  grow up in skiing a little bit more before I do so. This blog is more than enough for now. And I promise you I will be much more active.
      Let me sum up the season so far. Even if the races did not start just yet for me, I have done a little more than sleeping, like some ‘fans’ of mine would say.

1.       New addition to our team. You all remember my Irish friend who I met last season Patrick Mc Millan right? What? No? I have not mentioned him at all? Oh right he was not at all important. Well long story short he is now part of our little speed group, having joined Georg Lindner (MDA) and myself under the guidance of Hans.
2.       New tech. Not Atomic, BLIZZARD. I tested them in April and fell in love right away. I have a good communication going on with the people from the race department and would like to take this opportunity to thank them for allowing me to come in the Blizzard and Tecnica family. Not to forget my club ASC Corona Brasov who made everything possible finance wise. Thank you Mr Catalin Leonte (club president) and Mr George Scripcaru (mayor of Brasov).
3.       Summer training. This summer was the hardest summer I ever had. I learned a lot about what physical preparation for alpine skiing is in the modern day and can’t wait to see the results on the slope this season.
4.       Support. I am happy that I am getting more people on board with my program and believe more in me after the results of last season. A big step was made last year, the world rankings proofing that: Downhill from 468 to 380, Super G from 1800 to 623. I proved to my club and ski federation I am one very much for the future and are now beside me. Don’t get me wrong, I am still a couple of thousands euro short. But I am confident.
5.       Personal life. My family is ok thank you for asking. My brother is starting to be less annoying so that’s always good J. My love life as you can imagine is non-existent at the moment. Even so I managed to get clobbered in this time. Funny how that goes. It is something I have to improve on in the future and make sure it does not happen again. But hey…the heart is stronger than the brain sometimes…what can you do. I know I am not perfect. Far from it. I know I always disappoint. Maybe that’s why people never cease to disappoint me as well.
6.       Mouse. For the last week I had a little mouse living in my house. Patrick named him Norbert Stalin (no idea why). But don’t worry. Two hours ago I caught him and kicked him out of the house. So it’s all good J.

     TO SUM UP. I am now a stronger individual than I was last season, both mentally and physically. I want results more than ever, and now I have much better means to do so. Waiting eagerly for the first races, I missed them a lot over these last 8 months. And to quote Bode Miller: GO FAST, BE GOOD, HAVE FUN. 

Saturday, 8 February 2014

My Way (Rou)

     Am ajuns aici. Maine am Coborarea Olimpica. Antrenorul meu imi povesteste mereu cum se fac lucrurile in Austria. Educatia care o primesc sportivii. Totul se face pas cu pas. Absolut totul. Inclusiv competitiile. FIS - Cupa Europei - Cupa Mondiala - Olimpiada. 99% dintre sportivi fac asta. Cu exceptia care confirma regula. Nu ma intelegeti gresit, nu este o scuza. Nici pe aproape. Sunt in acea elita de 50 de oameni care maine isi vor da drumul in Coborare. Chiar numarul 50. Misto. Pentru cei ce nu cunosc foarte bine ce inseamna proba de Coborare, asta este: O sa va arat si o poza de la al doilea antrenament de coborare, cel de ieri. Cea mai mare cazatura de pana acuma. Cam 130 km/h aveam.

     Multumesc tuturor pentru sustinere. Trebuie sa fiu sincer. Ieri 7/2/2014 am deschis facebookul si am fost coplesit. Coplesit de mesaje de la oameni care ii cunosteam si oameni care nu. Foarte multe. Incredibil. Asa ca am inchis internetul. Conteaza extraordinar de mult pentru mine acest suport fantastic. O sa raspund la toata lumea (si pe what's upp) dupa ce termin cu cursa de maine. Trebuie sa am capul limpede.

     Cursa va fi in direct pe TVR 2 de la ora 9:00.

     You'll Never Walk Alone.

My way

     So it has come to this. Tomorrow I am racing in the Olympic Downhill. My coach always tells me about how they do things in Austria, the education of the athletes. Step by step. I am talking about everything, all the aspects. Competitions are not excluded. FIS - Europa Cup - World Cup - Olympics. 99 percent of them do this. But I don't have a choice. For me its FIS - Olympics. It is not a excuse by any stretch of the imagination. I am in the elite 50 racers who are starting tomorrow. Numer 50. Cool. For those of you who do not know what I do, here it is: I will also post a picture that was yesterday in the second Downhill training. First big crash of my life. Fun. I had about 130 km/h.

     I thank everybody for all the support. I have to be honest. Last night 7/02/2014 when I opened Facebook I was overwhelmed by all the messages I got from all the people following me. So I closed my internet. I am not used with this kind of attention. Amazing. I will open and answer to all the messages once my race is done tomorrow.

     Live on TVR 2 from 9:00 Romanian time. I am number 50. I feel your support.

     You'll Never Walk Alone.