Sunday, 30 November 2014


     My dear friends and followers. The new season is slowly but surely approaching. Seems like a lifetime since my last race. April in Slovenia…but what a race that was.
     I apologize for my lack of posting this summer and autumn. To be completely honest I was on the verge of having a website. In the meantime I decided I do not deserve one just yet, and I should  grow up in skiing a little bit more before I do so. This blog is more than enough for now. And I promise you I will be much more active.
      Let me sum up the season so far. Even if the races did not start just yet for me, I have done a little more than sleeping, like some ‘fans’ of mine would say.

1.       New addition to our team. You all remember my Irish friend who I met last season Patrick Mc Millan right? What? No? I have not mentioned him at all? Oh right he was not at all important. Well long story short he is now part of our little speed group, having joined Georg Lindner (MDA) and myself under the guidance of Hans.
2.       New tech. Not Atomic, BLIZZARD. I tested them in April and fell in love right away. I have a good communication going on with the people from the race department and would like to take this opportunity to thank them for allowing me to come in the Blizzard and Tecnica family. Not to forget my club ASC Corona Brasov who made everything possible finance wise. Thank you Mr Catalin Leonte (club president) and Mr George Scripcaru (mayor of Brasov).
3.       Summer training. This summer was the hardest summer I ever had. I learned a lot about what physical preparation for alpine skiing is in the modern day and can’t wait to see the results on the slope this season.
4.       Support. I am happy that I am getting more people on board with my program and believe more in me after the results of last season. A big step was made last year, the world rankings proofing that: Downhill from 468 to 380, Super G from 1800 to 623. I proved to my club and ski federation I am one very much for the future and are now beside me. Don’t get me wrong, I am still a couple of thousands euro short. But I am confident.
5.       Personal life. My family is ok thank you for asking. My brother is starting to be less annoying so that’s always good J. My love life as you can imagine is non-existent at the moment. Even so I managed to get clobbered in this time. Funny how that goes. It is something I have to improve on in the future and make sure it does not happen again. But hey…the heart is stronger than the brain sometimes…what can you do. I know I am not perfect. Far from it. I know I always disappoint. Maybe that’s why people never cease to disappoint me as well.
6.       Mouse. For the last week I had a little mouse living in my house. Patrick named him Norbert Stalin (no idea why). But don’t worry. Two hours ago I caught him and kicked him out of the house. So it’s all good J.

     TO SUM UP. I am now a stronger individual than I was last season, both mentally and physically. I want results more than ever, and now I have much better means to do so. Waiting eagerly for the first races, I missed them a lot over these last 8 months. And to quote Bode Miller: GO FAST, BE GOOD, HAVE FUN. 

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