Saturday, 29 October 2016

AIV - The Project

With all the experience I managed to gain from professional sport together with my studies in Great Britain at Coventry, I designed a project for short, medium and long term. The main objective is to change the attitude towards professional sports and alpine skiing in Romania. Another objective would be promoting alpine skiing as a whole, being a relatively easy sport for all ages. My project is based on three main ideas:
  1. Developing my Brand: AIV
  2. Raising the popularity of alpine skiing in Brasov
  3. The importance of “Dual Education”: sport and study

Devolping the Brand
For the beginning, alongside my partner who handles marketing and communication, I would like to integrate all the communication and social media at one’s disposal. Until now Facebook and the Blog, continuing with Twitter, Instagram, Wikipedia and so on. The first point of this strategy aims to create a solid and well positioned picture for the athlete Ioan Valeriu Achiriloaie trough the brand AIV. The second would be to cover as good as possible the entire season, with personalized messages for all the segments we wish to transmit. Last but not least would be to create a visual identity for the brand AIV. The main objective of this brand would be to explore the marketing opportunities for the “product” Achiriloaie Ioan Valeriu in order to draw important stakeholders to be part of the project. We wish to be capable to offer benefits for our partners which would in turn help them with accomplishing their own objectives. 

Alongside with the points we listed above, we also wish to work consistently with a community of journalists and TV Stations, newspapers and websites who would spread our message.

Raising the popularity of alpine skiing in Brasov
Here it is vital to have a good working relationship between more entities from the city of Brasov  and the brand AIV. An important role in this endeavor is held by the club ASC Corona Brasov, the city hall of Brasov in addition to many companies from the region of Brasov who are in the field of sports, particularly winter sports. There is a lot of potential, talking about  a city which has 3-4 months of full winter and a High School of Sports (Liceul cu Program Sportiv) who has great tradition in professional sport.

To sum up, we are bringing the “know how” regarding the phenomenon and the other partners will create an opportunity to promote skiing, both the professionally and otherwise. The first step for this will be creating a campaign on my blog with the title “You know you’re a skier when…”.

The importance of “Dual Education”
A very important theme today at a European level is “Dual Education”. As I mentioned before, my time at Coventry University radically changed my vision regarding professional sports and life in general.

I firmly believe in this concept: professional sports and higher education. Because in Romania there is a big difference between sports and study, there is a big opportunity for a project to promote both of the themes in the same place. Through my example I strongly believe we can change mentalities and draw the attention to a problem of the outmost urgency in Romania: what do I do after I finish my sport career? A collaboration between the education institutes from Romania and AIV can transmit the importance of this ideas directly to the ones who are implicated, with a relatively small cost for all stakeholders.

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