Sunday, 26 June 2016

The right choice – Deux Alpes

The new season has officially started for me. In the same place where my last season ended. France. Imagine that…Euro 2016 underway and I am here skiing. Not the slightest interest to go see a game. Love (for your own sport) does that to people J

            Let me tell you a little bit about who I came with. Actually who I skied with because I came alone. In Brasov and in the Romanian ski world (and not only) the name Mihai Bara is quite a heavy one. I had the pleasure of meeting him only this year when he came to Romania, after a friend gave me his phone number. He is working in the Andorran ski sport since 20 years ago. I heard a lot of nice things about him…not only from Romania but also from other people. I gave him a call, we met, and 1 month later I am skiing with him in France.

            In the past month since my big change I often wondered if I made the right choice. After 6 days of skiing with Mihai Bara I destroyed any little doubt I might have had. I learned a lot and I remembered what it is like to ski with pleasure. From run to run things are getting better and I can feel that. Without flattering him, I will tell you what I told him: I never felt so good on skis as I feel now. The training camp was a complete success and I hope I will get the chance to work with Mihai and Ruben (the other coach of their team) again soon. I am also happy because I met a group of great kids who I fell can really go places and do well in the sport.

            That being said I have some meetings in Austria for some meetings regarding skiing and some of my actual / potential future partners.

All the best.

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