Wednesday, 18 May 2016


   I do not have such a vast experience in alpine skiing. Not compared to people like my dear colleague Alexandru Barbu. I would say he is skiing non-stop since 1997 till 2016. Those are 19 years (at least, it could be longer, he is not answering the phone) of experience in alpine skiing. Let’s compare. I started 2003, did it till 2010, went to University 3 years, started again 2013. We can say that’s 10 years. I consider every year to be crucial.

   Why did I tell you all this? Because even with my lack of experience I knew it in my bones it was time for a change. For a shock. Motivation was going down. Sport is based a lot on instinct. I am following at the moment without hesitation and I believe in my heart and soul I am doing the right thing. They usually never betray me J.

   Of course alongside instinct there had to be a series of factors to influence my decision. What exactly did I change?

   First is the place where I live a big part of my year. Does the words change of scenery mean anything to you people? I have to admit…it was not a happy moment the moment by any stretch of the imagination the moment I actually did move out. That house was one of the main factors when I decided to start skiing again. I am 100 percent sure that if that house was not there you would not be reading my ski blog. It was really hard to let go…but like with a girlfriend…at some point you know it is over and you have to do the harsh thing. Personally I hate doing that. Sometimes I wish they would leave me, but sadly they never do. Oh well J.

   The second change that I felt I had to make was the team. I was not happy with the setup I had anymore. I was not happy with some aspects of what was happening around me. I always thought it was my problem and I had to change. I tried to do so for more than a year and a half. Did not work. Out of respect for the people involved I will not say more. For the moment anyway…when my book comes out you will have all the dirtJ. I also take this time to thank my former team mates and coach for all the good times we have and for everything I have learned in this time. I grew up a lot in this 3 years and it will be an important factor of any future success I have.

   There you have it. I hope this article clears out the air for the moment and please feel free to interact and ask anything.
   All the best,


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